Skep Classes

Ginger gets her cloaming on!

Having bees in my yard has been nothing short of heaven. They do so much to bring a sense of unity and sanctuary to our small in-town yard. My plants have never looked better, and the sound and sight of bees floating amongst the flowers brings a meditative quality to all my doings in the yard. They are my outside meditation and the closest thing I have to a devotional practice. Being with my bees expands my spirit and betters my life in ways that are simply too deep to quantify.

Thank you, beloved guinea pigs!

Keeping bees in skep hives is wonderful way to bee. It is an ancient tradition that has wonderful applications for today. Super-insulated summer and winter, breathable, and easy to manage, skeps are a wonderful home in which bees can thrive. The making of the skep is a many-fold process:

~First, appropriate weaving grasses are gathered and dried.
~Weaving tools including Fids, weaving sleeves, binding reed, scissors, and templates must be assembled.
~Weaving begins
~Completed, skeps must have wooden dowels called spleets pushed through them to stabilize the comb.
~Lastly, the outside of the skep is covered (cloamed) with a mixture of cow dung, ash, and clay to protect the skep from UV damage. Straw and weaving seem to attract everyone.

I’m doing things differently this coming year of 2021. What I have learned in offering classes is that very, very few students ever complete their skep once they leave here. The rare people who complete their skeps are–like me–determined zealots.

And so, I’m only offering classes now to determined zealots. To set up a class with me (I’ll take one or two people at a time), you must first go through the process of acquiring and drying your grass. If you get that far, I will agree that you are a zealot and we can set up a private session of two days of weaving. I can supply all the other weaving tools needed.

$350 total for the two days. To register, message me with your plans and hopes and we can go from there. Weaving is best in the warmer months, so we can sit outside!